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The Interdisciplinary Group on Educational Policies (GIPE-IGEP) was created in 2005 with the objective to developing comprehensive and multidisciplinary research projects on educational policies in national and international contexts. GIPE is formed by three groups of researchers with long experience in investigation and consultancy in educational policy development. The three subgroups belong to the University of Barcelona (UB) and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and have been recognised nationally and internationally as reference research groups in the fields of economics, sociology and comparative education. Since its beginning in 2005 GIPE has been recognized by the Catalan government as a 'Consolidated Research Group' (SGR). In 2009 GIPE improved its status, being recognized as a 'Funded Consolidated Research Group'.

The UB subgroup, directed by professor Jorge Calero (GIPE coordinator), has a long experience in Economics of Education, and has worked intensively in areas like educational finance, education and economic growth, equity in education and the evaluation of educational policies. The SAPS (Social Policies Analysis Seminar) group (UAB), coordinated by Xavier Bonal, has a long experience in researching on educational inequalities, education and poverty, political sociology of education or the marketisation of education. Finally GAPEF (Group of Analysis of Educational and Training Policies) (UAB) is directed by Ferran Ferrer and has extensively worked on comparative education, education and new technologies or the evaluation of teacher training policies.

The experience of these three research groups gives to GIPE a very high potential for developing quality research in local, national and international educational policies. GIPE combines both basic and applied research and developes a range of activities including assessment to policy makers, policy analysis, policy evaluation and prospective analysis in educational policies. GIPE has also showed a strong formative capacity by supervising Master and PhD theses to internal and external researchers of the group.

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